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   Largest projects
The Dvigatel Industrial Park
Allika territory
Development plan


The territory to be developed, generally referred to as Allika, includes 11 different registered immovables. In the winter of this year, implementation of the detailed plan was started. The project is executed by Argentor OÜ in cooperation with the Tõnis Tarbe OÜ architectural bureau.

The goal – more efficient usage of the territory and its supply with communications while preserving to the maximum extent the extensively verdant natural environment in the centre of this territory.

In accordance with the development plan, the following activities are scheduled:
2004 - implementation of the detailed plan, creation and sales of created registered immovables, engineering design of communications.
2005 - building roads and communications, sales and development of registered immovables.
2006 - development of registered immovables and, if necessary, their sales.

As a result of implementation of the Allika detailed plan, preconditions will be set in place to create:

  • 25 business and production registered immovables of 4000-25000 m2;
  • 10 residential registered immovables of 2000-4000 m2;
  • a new road network, access driveways, street lighting and planted greenery along the roads;
  • new utilities – water & sewerage, electricity, communication, gas

When the Allika project is completed, a so-called settlement with environmentally-friendly and synchronously functioning economic life will emerge, with private residences and utility services situated in the extensively verdant central part and surrounded with a circle of business and production buildings.

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